Lottery: A Win Based On Luck Or Strategy

The lottery world is a place where you test your fortune of luck. There are many forums where they conduct lotteries but are that purely based on luck or is there any strategy behind that we will find out in this article.

How online lottery is better than paper lottery?

People always find a shortcut to become rich most of the middleclass people think the only way of getting rich is by winning lottery. There are two types of lotteries one is paper lottery and other online lottery. Paper lottery existed way before internet invented. Paper lottery is mostly based on your luck where as online lottery is gaining popularity because of fast growing need of internet. It has many benefits like you can play anywhere whereas paper lottery has some geographical limitations, in sale point of view online lottery doesn’t require you to print ticket you can just use your login credentials, lucky ticket is secure in terms of online lottery whereas physical ticket is a flight risk, advantage of notification during results time is there in online lottery whereas in paper lottery if you forget to check results you might feel it is too late.

Why fair chance of winning in online lottery?

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As we discussed earlier paper lottery is based on luck as well as there is a possibility of cheating whereas in online lottery the time of draw is fixed the sale of tickets is stopped at the time of draw. It mostly computer based so there are least chances of cheating. The computer mode might also use some strategy to conduct the draw and declare the winners.

Now you a have an idea oh how exactly this lottery works be it online or offline it purely based on luck and some strategies used in respective modes. Unless you are professional skills in gambling, casino games, lottery like games the odds of winning lottery is always less. There is no shortcut to earn money it is the hard work that matters. Lottery is just to test your fortune of luck so work hard and earn money and live your life to the fullest.

Online lotteries in India

Online lotteries are legal in India but they can differ from state to state as the norms are not explicit in some states. But there are states who have explicitly mentioned the legality of online lotteries.  Playing online lotteries in India is safe and with a little bit of your vigilance, you are least expected to get scammed.