Discover the fabulous Circus Circus Las Vegas this time!

Many experienced their childhood and made memories at Circus Circus that will last a lifetime. The most family-friendly resort on the Strip has broadened the Midway arcade and added new rides to Adventuredome, click to find out more. While the hotel and theme park are being enjoyed by kids, Circus Circus has 22 retail stores and 3 full-size casinos. That has more than 2,200 slots and video machines, poker rooms, and table games. A special One club is also available that provides great discounts and promotional offers at other properties. You can enjoy their 2 pools and a salon for its grown-up guests.

Circus Circus has three exciting bars serving frozen drinks, beer, and cocktails. While for the 21 and over the crowd, Slots-A-Fun highlights adult entertainment, bowling, billiards, and a gift shop. The Williams Sportsbook is another option for more traditional sports betting, you should not forget to hydrate for betting with a visit to one of Circus Circus’ bars.

Know more about Circus Circus Casino

The Circus Circus is situated at the original end of the Las Vegas Strip. It is popularly known as one of the primary family-oriented casinos. The Adventuredome Theme Park was built to add a family fun aspect that complimented the carnival games and live circus shows for kids. Gaming options are also available for adults, you can also enjoy the different shopping options of the Circus Circus, wedding ability, and a lot more. Once you are visiting Las Vegas in an RV, you can use the Circus Circus RV Park.

Some rides await the whole family, a park favorite is the Canyon Blaster which is the roller coaster. Rim Runner is a 60 ft waterfall ride that is a blast, ideal if you want to cool off by going on the wild water ride. Circus Circus is great for everyone in the family to have a memorable and fun Las Vegas vacation. They have affordable rooms that are pleasant and relaxing to stay in.

Circus Acts

Featured on the center stage every day, entertainment, and performers from around the world delight and dazzle visitors for free. There is an incredible variety of performers such as jugglers, trapeze artists, balancing acts, and many more. When the Circus Circus launched, previous acts included the former Amerca’s Got Talent, and live animals like elephants and tigers. The entertainers change frequently so you don’t like to miss out on something they have in store for you.

Never-Ending ExcitementCircus Circus Casino

You can try your luck and hit the jackpot in Circus Circus with the latest video, slot, and electronic table games, in their three casinos: West, Slots A Fun, and Main. Don’t miss any of their coin-operated slot machines in the main casino. Magnificent 7’s are among the favorite among regulars and even locals. You can select from the old-fashioned coin payouts, Ticket in, and Ticket out payouts.

Every different game you desire is available virtually which will satisfy every keno and poker player. They have everything from four-card keno, and triple play, to caveman keno.